CITRA RANAH MEDIKA 2024-01-19T13:00:48+00:00 Open Journal Systems <p> </p> <p><strong>Jurnal CITRA RANAH MEDIKA</strong> adalah jurnal online yang diterbitkan oleh Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Ranah Minang, menjadi wadah untuk publikasi ilmiah civitas akademik dalam pelaksanaan Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi.</p> <p>Jurnal ini diteribitkan mulai Desember 2021 dengan frekuensi terbitkan dua kali setahun yaitu bulan juni dan desember.</p> <p> </p> Peningkatan Social emotional competence Melalui Metode Self reflection pada Mahasiswa STIKES Ranah Minang Kota Padang 2024-01-19T08:14:53+00:00 Helda [email protected] Sri Marlia [email protected] Ayuro Cumayunaro [email protected] ABSTRACT Many higher education institutions in Indonesia emphasize the dimension of hard skills. However, the workforce, as the service user, desires individuals equipped with a balanced combination of both hard and soft skills. A study conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture in 2009 stated that an individual's success in education is determined by 85% soft skills. The book "Lessons From The Top" by Thomas J. Neff and James M. Citrin (1999) asserts that 90% of an individual's success is determined by soft skills, with only 10% attributed to hard skills (Muhmin, 2018).This research aims to enhance social-emotional competence in students as an initial step in improving their soft skills to compete in the job market. The method employed includes psychoeducation and practical exercises through self-reflection to enhance social-emotional competence. The categorization of participants' social-emotional competence before the workshop Helda et. all | Peningkatan Social emotional competence Melalui Metode Self reflection pada Mahasiswa STIKES Ranah Minang Kota Padang Jurnal Citra Ranah Medika 2 Issn : 2962-1151 showed that 58 participants (63.73%) were in the low category, 27 participants (29.68%) were in the moderate category, and 6 participants (6.59%) were in the high category. After the workshop, no participants were in the low category, with 32 participants (35.17%) in the moderate category and 59 participants (64.83%) in the high category. The improvement in social-emotional competence at STIKes Ranah Minang is expected to enable students to effectively handle events and situations, diligently complete tasks, have confidence in their abilities, view challenges as opportunities rather than threats, enjoy seeking new situations, set challenging goals, and enhance strong commitment to themselves. 2024-01-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 FAKTOR-FAKTOR YANG MEMPENGARUHI KEJADIAN STUNTING PADA BALITA DI PUSKESMAS PAUH KOTA PADANG PERIODE BULAN JULI 2023 2024-01-19T08:21:20+00:00 Leni Tri Wahyuni [email protected] Yanti Desnita Tasri [email protected] Stunting has a bad impact not only related to children's growth and development but can result in disruption of brain development, reduced intelligence, metabolic disorders in the body. This research aims to determine the factors that influence the incidence of stunting in toddlers. The type of research is analytical with a cross sectional approach. Mothers and Toddlers in Pauh District, Koto Lua Village, Padang City. From the data obtained, the population in this area is 34 children under five. All populations are sampled. This research was conducted in Pauh District, Leni Triwahyuni et. all | Faktor – Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kejadian Stunting Pada Balita Di Puskesmas Pauh Kota Padang Periode Bukan Juli 2023 Jurnal Citra Ranah Medika 2 Issn : 2962-1151 Koto Lua Village, Pauh Health Center Working Area, Padang City in July 2023. The instruments or tools used for data collection in this research were questionnaires. Data were processed computerized and analyzed univariately and bivariately using the chi-square test. The research results showed that 52.9% of toddlers experienced stunting, 55.9% of toddlers had low birth weight, 61.8% of toddlers had short birth length and 58.8% of toddlers were not exclusively breastfed and 41.2% of toddlers have a history of getting exclusive breast milk. There is a relationship between birth weight, birth length and exclusive breastfeeding with the incidence of stunting in toddlers at the Pauh Community Health Center, Padang City for the period July 2023 (p < 0.05). It is hoped that implementing midwives at the Community Health Center should provide education and assistance to women of reproductive age to carry out early detection of stunting factors, provide additional nutrition for pregnant women with indications of malnutrition which can cause LBW, one of the factors causing stunting, educate mothers on exclusive breastfeeding. 2024-01-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 HUBUNGAN DUKUNGAN SUAMI DAN SIKAP IBU TERHADAP KEBERHASILAN PEMBERIAN AIR SUSU IBU (ASI) EKSLUSIF PADA BAYI DI JORONG BATU HAMPAR NAGARI MANGGOPOH KECAMATAN LUBUK BASUNG 2024-01-19T08:39:43+00:00 Samsi Narti [email protected] Samsi Narti [email protected] Meysa Sri Wenita [email protected] Lisna Khairani Nasution [email protected] The success of breastfeeding mothers cannot be separated from the support of their husbands. If the mother gets support from her husband, the mother will have a positive attitude and the breastfeeding process will improve. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between husband's support and mother's attitude towards the success of exclusive breastfeeding for infants. This type of research is descriptive analytic with cross sectional design. The population in this study were mothers who had babies aged 7-12 months in jorong batu hampar in 2023 totaling 64 people. The sampling technique is purposive sampling. The results of this study found that 51.6% of breastfeeding mothers received less support from their husbands where 72.7% did not exclusively breastfeed. Based on a significant statistical test, pvalue = 0.000, meaning that there is a relationship between husband's support and exclusive breastfeeding, while mothers who have a negative attitude were obtained at 53.1%, and based on a statistical test, a significant pvalue = 0.000 means that there is a relationship between mother's attitudes and exclusive breastfeeding. 2024-01-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 TINGKAT PENGETAHUAN MASYARAKAT TERHADAP PENGGUNAAN OBAT TANPA RESEP DOKTER DI JORONG GUNUNG RAJO UTARA NAGARI GUNUNG RAJO KECAMATAN BATIPUH KABUPATEN TANAH DATAR TAHUN 2022 2024-01-19T13:00:48+00:00 Selvi Merwanta [email protected] Nur Afriyanti [email protected] Tiara Octaviona [email protected] Yahdian Rasyadi [email protected] Medicines without a doctor's prescription are medicines can be used in self-medication. usually used to treat minor illnesses such as fever, mild cough and flu which do not require consultation with a doctor. Misuse of medication leads to wastage and drug poisoning. Side effects caused using drugs without a doctor's prescription are kidney damage, irritation of the digestive system, changes in body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory problems, vomiting of blood and in severe cases, it can result in coma or even death. The aim of the research is to determine the level of public knowledge regarding the use of medicines without a doctor's prescription in Jorong Gunung Rajo Utara Nagari Gunung Rajo, Batipuh District, Tanah Datar Regency in 2022. This research method is a descriptive survey. The sampling technique uses random sampling technique. The research population of the community in Jorong Gunung Rajo Utara Nagari Gunung Rajo, Batipuh District, Tanah Datar Regency was 94 samples. The research results showed that 58 samples (61.70%) had good community knowledge, 31 samples (32.97%) had good enough, 5 samples (5.31%) had poor knowledge, none of them had the bad knowledge category. Based on the research results, it shows that the percentage of community knowledge (80.34%) is good. 2024-01-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024